Education Technology

Math A Review 1

Activity Overview

These StudyCards™ stacks enable students to review concepts for the Math A Exam in New York.

Before the Activity

Download the TI StudyCards™ Creator Software on the calculator using one of these two methods:

  • TI Connect™, a TI Connectivity Cable, and the Unit-to-Unit Link Cable
  • TI-Navigator  send to class feature

  • Review the StudyCards™ files prior to class.
    Make sure the StudyCardApp is on all student calculators.

    Transfer the StudyCard files to student calculators using one of these methods:
  • StudyCard Creator send to device feature with a connectivity cable and unit-to-unit cables
  • TI-Navigator System send to class feature (required method for TI-73 users)
  • During the Activity

    This activity is intended as a learning review. Students may work alone or in small groups You may wish to circulate the room to answer students' questions.

    TI-Study03_math1.8xv covers:
    scientific notation, factoring, linear equations, rate of change, rational numbers, operations on polynomials, percentages, coordinate geometry, substitution, quadratic equations, probability, finding locus, distributive property, and central tendency of data

    TI-Study04_math2.8xv covers:
    axis of symmetry, factoring, ratios, adding, dividing and multiplying polynomials, scientific notation, permutations, equations, mathematical reasoning, and inequalities

    TI-Study05_math3.8xv covers: multiplicative identity, multiplication and subtraction of polynomials, inequalities, transformations, exponents, equations, percentages, circles, coordinate geometry, triangles, angle measurement, and polygons

    After the Activity

    Review student results:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary