Education Technology

Transforming Tangrams

Activity Overview

The student will use the transformations - rotation, reflection, translation - to create common shapes from tangram pattern blocks

Before the Activity

The student will have covered the transformations - rotation, reflection, dilation and translation. They will have done various activities from the textbook and workbook. The tangram shape and its history will be shared with the student.

During the Activity

The students will be placed in groups of two or three and will reproduce the seven tangram parts or they may be given to them by the teacher. They will also be given the tangram activity instructions. They are to use the transformations to move the seven tangram parts to reproduce 3 of the 5 patterns on the worksheet.

After the Activity

The student groups will share their thought processes of how they approached the pictures. They will then trade papers and using the student list of steps work backwards to return the picture to the seven separate tangram shapes. They will then be asked to produce one original picture from the tangram shapes