Education Technology

Probability LearningCheck quiz

Activity Overview

This LearningCheck can be used as a pre-assessment to determine if students are familiar with the terms related to probability at the middle school level. If a lesson or two have been taught, use to determine students level of understanding after instruction. The LearningCheck consists of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and open response questions.

Before the Activity

Download the EDC file and have it ready to send to students.

During the Activity

There are 13 questions included in this LearningCheck. Allow ample time for students to complete all of the questions. Once all students have answered, collect their answers and complete a class analysis of the results.

After the Activity

Using the class analysis feature proved to be a very positive tool that created lots of discussion among my students. I recommend taking the time to use the feature to view the class' responses and allowing the students time to discuss the "why".