Education Technology

PLUMS and the Normal Distribution

Activity Overview

This lesson demonstrates how the calculator's built-in numeric solver can be used along with the normalcdf function to answer a variety of Normal Distribution questions.

Before the Activity

Students should be familiar with the use of normal probability tables and the normalcdf function on the calculator. Having a working knowledge of Solver is also helpful.

During the Activity

Students will: calculate normal distribution probabilities, solve for unknown variables within typical normal probability problems, produce shaded normal probability distribution graphs.
Directions: This lesson works best if a SmartBoard is available for use. An overhead projector or Infocus projector could be used as well. Students should use their graphing calculators to answer examples. The answers can remain covered-up until students have worked through problems.
The attached .pdf files each have a formatting error which occured during conversion. "PLUMS" was created in TI-InterActive!™ and had all screen shots with borders, but some were converted without. "plumsmart" was created with SmartNotebook and has an example in which the multiple choice responses were jumbled a bit in the conversion.

After the Activity

The TI-Navigator™ System can be used to administer the LearningCheck™