Education Technology

Identifying and Balancing Chemical Equations

Activity Overview

This StudyCard stack will allow students to review balancing and classifying chemical equations.

Before the Activity

First, review the studycard stack before class and check to make sure that the studycard stack has been loaded to each calculator properly. Next, determine if you would like for this to be an individual activity or a small group activity.

During the Activity

This activity can be used as a Bell Ringer, small group activity or a mini assessment. Also, during this activity have you students to copy the equations, then balance, identify the type and explain why they identified it as that type.

After the Activity

Once the activity has been completed check to ensure that every student has a better understanding about identifing and balancing equation by conducting a round table discussion. Next, have each student complete an "Exit Card" that contains an equation that they must balance and identify at the end of class.