Education Technology

Your First TI-Navigator Sessions

Activity Overview

This activity is geared for the teacher that has the TI-Navigator™ System, a Smartboard, and possibly TI-Smartview™. Even if you only have a projector (and no smartboard), you can use the PDF file.
This activity is one that I use the first two or three times that your class uses the TI-Navigator System. The Adobe document included has screenshots and captures of specific keystrokes to visually assist students in the logon process.

Before the Activity

Make sure that your Calculators have the right Apps & Programs, your firewall is OFF, and the network is up and running BEFORE the students are in the class.
Also, decide HOW you want your students to logon. I have the students use their first name (only the first three letters, if there are two Davids, one is "dav", the other is "davi" and a third would be "david", and so on (using letters from the last name). The password is AAA for everyone, for simplicity.
Start the Smartboard, and TI-Smartview as well. As the students enter the room, start the TI-Navigator class and make the smartboard template (with YOUR changes for username and password requirements). I have found that using the Smartboard with the TI-Navigator and other TI software has an exponential effect on the classroom experience.
Even is you have a projector, you can use the Adobe document for the screenshots. TI's website will not let me upload the Smart Notebook version I originally intended, so if you email me I can send it to you as an attachment.

During the Activity

You can choose what to do during your TI-Navigator session, this activity is only to be used to assist in the logon process during your first few sessions until the students become acclimated. I have found a difference using this template in the two years of using TI-Navigator systems.

After the Activity

I teach 8th grade in an 'urban' district and it is the first year (usually) that the students work with the TI-84+ calcs. The first few times without the TI-Navigator is intimidating for some students. I usually have the students write a journal before they use the TI-Navigator, then a journal after the first few uses, and then at the end of the school year.