Education Technology

Vertex Form of a Quadratic Equation - LearningCheck quiz

Activity Overview

This is an activity with a worksheet that helps explain the vertex form of a quadratic equation, and a Learning Check™ to assess the students' understanding.

Before the Activity

In this activity, students will learn how the values of the variables a, h, and k in the vertex form of a quadratic equation effect the graph of the equation's parabola. The students should have some prior knowledge of how to use the TI graphing calculator.

Download the worksheet and the EDC file. Make copies of the worksheet if needed.

During the Activity

The teacher should monitor the students, but the activity is meant for the students to be able to complete with minimal help. The teacher should have the students complete the worksheet activity and then give the Learning Check.

After the Activity

You can use the Slide Show feature of TI-Navigator™ to review the questions with the class.