Education Technology

Deviant M&Ms

Activity Overview

This activity uses the basic M&M color activity of old to introduce students to CellSheet, CellSheet Converter, and TI-InterActive!™ while figuring the % Deviation for each color.

If there is extra time or for a more advanced math class the students can calculate the Average Squared Deviation and the Standard Deviation.

Before the Activity

All directions needed for the standard part of this lesson (% deviation and CellSheet - NO PC INTEGRATION) are included in the attachment for Part 1.

Please note: Part 1 can be used as a lesson activity in and of itself.

During the Activity

All directions needed for the more advanced part of this lesson (Average Squared Deviation, Standard Deviation, and PC Integration) are included in the attachment for Part 2.

In order for students to complete part 2 of this lesson, they must first complete part 1.

After the Activity

The students may eat their M&Ms.

Attached in this section is the Microsoft Word version of this lesson.

Students' not need TI-InterActive! for Part 1, but will still use TI Connect™ and possibly CellSheet™ Converter. Please Note: If you would like students to use TI-InterActive!, but not have access to the interactivity of the inserted spreadsheets (so they cannot obtain the formulas) simply open the MS word version of the activity, go to Edit, Select All, then Edit Copy. Open a new TI-InterActive! document and press CTRL+V to paste. The document will look like parts 1 and 2 combined, but the spreadsheets will now just be graphics and not interactive. However, doing this greatly increases the size of the TI-Interactive Document up to 8 MB (which is why I couldn't post it for you in that format here).