Education Technology

Rural vs. Urban Mathematics Education

Activity Overview

Students who have had prior experience with any TI (handheld or computer) will learn to use TI-Nspire™ more easily than others. It is important that you master some basic skills in order to facilitate learning. This activity encourages class discussion about a research problem and how it can be solved. Data is provided on a particular pool of subjects and analyzed using various statistical operations.

Before the Activity

Before the activity, the teacher should make copies of the handout for each student or one per group. The teacher may also want to attempt this problem using software, TI-nspire and the TI-84. This way if your students have different handhelds or use the software, you will be familiar with each type of technology button sequence. Teachers should print the handout and review it to make adjustments as needed for your class. This could be one lesson or a series of lessons where appropriate. Mathematical terms are highlighted throughout the lesson, so you may want to print these key terms ahead of time for a short quiz. You should choose groups and make sure each student in the group has the data and activity file in one calculator in each group. That individual can then send it to his/her partners. The teacher should spend at least ten - fifteen minutes discussing the background scenario of the problem to make sure each student gets a sense of what information is important and why.

During the Activity

After students complete the discussion questions in a small group, there should be a short class discussion to bring the class together. Students should then use the handout and begin the statistical lesson. The teacher may want to stop the class before they leave for the day and answer the THINK FIRST questions.

After the Activity

Once the activity is over, the class should review and discuss the implications of their findings. Students could present their findings in an oral report and submit questions for futher study. Extensions are included in the provided handout.