Education Technology

What's My Line? Writing Equations from Two Points

Activity Overview

Students will explore the slope of a line and write linear equations given two points using the TI-Navigator. This lesson is designed for Algebra I and/or Introduction to Algebra I and/or Algebra IX students.

Before the Activity

Lesson Overview:

Launch the TI-Navigator and begin class.
Instruct students to log into Navnet.
Begin Warm Up with Activity Center to review students on slope as a rate of change.
Send Quick Poll on slope.
Begin the lesson with Activity Center exploring writing equations of lines.
Send the Learning Check on Slopes and Equations of Lines.

During the Activity

Open Activity Center for the Warm up Activities to review Slopes of Lines. A Quick Poll follows to drill students on slopes.

Also, in Activity Center, students will write the linear equation of each Skyline Activity that will be presented.

After the Activity

A Learning Check on slopes and writing linear equations follows as an evaluation.