Education Technology

Basic Geometry Vocabulary Flip Card Activity

Activity Overview

Activity will allow students to study vocabulary words and definitions with personal or in class calculators.

Before the Activity

Optional: You may want to give the students the vocabulary words previous to the activity. 1. Make sure that all student calculators have the StudyCard Application preloaded. 2. Load the APPVAR: GEO1V1 onto each student calculator. 3. If possible, you can allow your students to link to your classroom set so that they can use this file at home when studying or doing homework. 4. Make sure that you prepare your students to understand that this activity will help them focus on vocabulary words and defintions that they may be having difficulty understanding and working with.

During the Activity

1. Have the students open the StudyCard App on their calculator. 2. Have the students press 2: Choose a New Stack 3. Have them then select the "Geometry Basics" Stack 4. The stack is self-explantory and self-paced.

After the Activity

1. Give a postassessment of your choice to see if the students understand the definitions and vocabulary words. (Attached is one of mine that I have used in the past) 2. There will be more of these to come in the future!