Education Technology

How High Can You Jump?

Activity Overview

This activity uses a CBL to collect the vertical jump height and hang time of students. The data will be collected and distributed for analysis by the students. Its main focus is the measures of central tendency, but may also be extended to incorporate best fit lines.

Before the Activity

  • Copy students worksheet page "How high can you Jump?"
  • Use TI Connect to load "Jump" program onto your calculator
  • Connect CBL 2 to the calculator
  • Connect the light probe to CBL2
  • Run "Jump" program
  • Follow instruction on program to align light sensor and light source (flash light or laser pointer)
  • Gather Data
  • During the Activity

  • Have students log into Navigator System
  • Use Activity Center to collect all students vertical jump and hang time.
  • Send Hang Time learn check, Hang & Vert Lists to students
  • After the Activity

  • Students analyze the results and complete the worksheet
  • Have students take the Learn Check
  • Discuss student results