Education Technology

Number Line Activity: Adding Integers

Activity Overview

This activity uses the TI-73 graphing calculator and the TI-Navigator System to simulate adding integers on a number line. Students will use the Number Line feature in Activity Center to add integers by drawing vectors. Students will then draw the vectors on their worksheet (attached?with teacher notes) and record the answer.

Before the Activity

Start class in Navigator and open Activity Center. Load the activity setting, NumLineActivity.act. Select ?Configure? and use the problems in the teacher instructions as prompts, or make up your own. See attached .pdf file for teacher instructions and student worksheet.

During the Activity

Have students log in to NavNet. Have students go into Activity Center. The first prompt and number line will appear on the screen of their calculator. After students submit their vectors and answer to you, have them draw their vectors and record their answer on the worksheet. After all students have submitted, stop the Activity and discuss the results. Reconfigure for the next prompt.

After the Activity

The last five questions on the worksheet ask students to draw their own number lines (without the calculator and Navigator) to find the answers to given problems.