Education Technology

Flatland: The TI-Book

Activity Overview

One of the best geometry books of all time is Flatland. Written over a century ago, there is no copyright for this book and you can find it available free as a podcast or a text file. However, nothing beats a TI-book with nicely produced diagrams.

Before the Activity

Download each of the TNS files. Each file has different chapters included.

During the Activity

This book can be given as independent study, a classroom activity, or required reading for a geometry class. Worksheets for this text can be found at various sites online.

After the Activity

Assessment and evaluation

  • Many worksheets can be found linking flatland to various math concepts.

  • There are several worksheets available at, but I you can?t use these unless you purchase the movie.

  • Students can write a book report or create a product to show their learning of the concepts.

  • Activity extensions
  • Several books have been written by other authors who had Flatland as a major influence. Students can read these books.

  • Students can watch one of the Flatland movies.

  • Students can create an original work based on the ideas in flatland.