Education Technology

Looking for Mr. Right Triangle

Activity Overview

Navigator Activity: This is a review of the right triangle in the coordinate plane.

Given two lines (2 really nice ones) the students write the equation of the 3rd line to create a right triangle.

They find the vertices of the triangle and use the distance formula to find the length of each side.

Using these lengths they find the measures of the two acute angles using the trig functions.

Co-authors on this act. are Maureen Mahoney,Warren Central HS, Indpls.;and Kim Riddle, Chancellor HS,Va.

Before the Activity

Have TI-Navigator™ system up and running with an LCD projector. Have all calculators OS updated and Navigator apps installed including LearningCheck™.

During the Activity

Attached you will find the teacher directions.

After the Activity

  • Send student's the LearningCheck™ file on right triangles (

  • Students are to complete 6 questions and then submit answers to the teacher

  • Teacher retrieves files in class analysis and then discusses results with class