Education Technology

NCTE: Exploring Parts of Speech

Activity Overview

Students will identify the eight parts of speech using a sample sentence. They will coordinate their answers with a partner and come up with descriptions of the parts of speech before discussing the sample sentence as a class.

Before the Activity

See the attached Activity PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity.

Print the appropriate pages from the Activity for your class.

Install the LearningCheck™ App on the students' graphing calculators following the attached instructions.

Explain to students that parts of speech can be explained using their function within sentences. Explain to students that during this activity, they will use the eight "Parts of Speech" files and eight "Definition" files.

During the Activity

  • Distribute the appropriate pages from the Activity to your class
  • Distribute the LearningCheck file(s) to your class using TI Connect™ and the appropriate TI Connectivity cable
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the Activity

  • Students will: Identify parts of speech.
  • Describe roles parts of speech play in sentences.
  • Develop lists of parts of speech.
  • Use a variety of words and a variety of parts of speech to create a descriptive story or poem.
  • Evaluate identifications of parts of speech for accuracy and explanation.
  • After the Activity

    Review with students the purpose or role of each of the parts of speech by asking a different student to identify each one. Ensure that students have accurate notes and/or study cards on the topic for future reference.