Education Technology

Solving Linear Systems by Graphing, Substitution, or Elimination

Activity Overview

Students will solve systems of linear equations by a variety of methods: graphing, substitution, and elimination. The questions are multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank.

This activity can be used as a self-check activity or an examination.

Before the Activity

The teacher should teach how to solve systems of linear equations using a variety of methods: graphing, substitution, and elimination.

Transfer the attached LearningCheck™ file to the students using one of the following methods: TI-Connect™, LearningCheck, or TI-Navigator™.

During the Activity

Students will complete the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. The teacher can monitor their progress by using the screen capture option in TI-Navigator.

If the activity was sent as a self-evaluation activity, students can ask the teacher questions when they encounter problems.

After the Activity

Following a self-evaluation activity. Have a class discussion about concepts that were more difficult.

If the file is sent as an examination, the teacher can collect the answers using ClassAnalysis. The teacher can then look at the analysis report and use is as an assessment tool. The graph can be displayed to the class to show the different answers that were given and the teacher can use this time to discuss the right and wrong answers.