Education Technology

Let's Play Ball with Box-and-Whisker Plots

Activity Overview

This activity is designed to help students make decisions about what and how information could be displayed graphically.
The data set deals with salaries of professional baseball players. It is designed for students to determine if the data should be represented as one-variable or two-variable statistics.
The teacher will generate the data (salaries) via the web browser in TI-InterActive!™ and send all (and select parts) of the data for groups of students to analyze, represent, and compare.

Before the Activity

Students should be able to create a stem-leaf plot and graph an inequality such as 2.3

During the Activity

Students should work in a cooperative group. Each student should login to (NavNet). Each student will receive at least two lists from the teacher. One list will represent all salaries, the other will represent one team's salaries).

After the Activity

Use Screen Capture to help check for student understanding. Use Bloom's Taxonomy questions to help assess and evaluate student understanding. See Assessment in Teacher Notes.