Education Technology

STAAR / EOC: Where Should I Get My Music?

Activity Overview

Students will analyze a plan that an online music provider offers.  Using this plan, the students will investigate how the prices of the plan affect the multiple representations of a function and how price changes are reflected in the multiple representations.  This is a student centered activity.  It is important that questioning techniques be used to guide students to make their own conjectures about rate of change and the y-intercept and their effects in applied situations.

Before the Activity

  • Window settings [-2, 42] x [-2, 38]
  • Form Configuration (See figure1.1)
  • Student login to NAVNET before activity begins
  • Handout: Multiple Representation of a Function (Four Corner Model -FCM) for each student
  • Assign a number to each student from 0 to 40.  Each student gets one number.  This number will represent the number of downloads they did for a month. 

During the Activity

Instructions on handout.

After the Activity

Students will do the Learning Check AssessmentLinearFunctions.act.