Education Technology


Activity Overview

In this activity, students will create a solenoid-type electromagnet using two different methods of coiling the wire around the core. They will use a sensor to determine the relationship between the number of turns of wire and the magnetic field strength for each method.

Key Steps

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    First, students should set up the data collection software to Events with Entry mode (Menu > Experiment > Set Up Collection > Events with Entry).

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    Students should repeat steps 7–9 until they have wrapped the wire along the entire length of the core. (For the sample data shown, the core was able to accommodate 25 coils of wire.) For each data point, students should use the number of coils on the core as the data value.

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    Students should collect data for the same number of coils that they collected data for in problem 1. For example, if they were able to fit 25 coils of wire on the core in problem 1, they should collect data for up to 25 coils of wire for this data set, as well. Once students have collected all their data, they should answer questions 5 and 6.