Education Technology

Golden Ratio

Activity Overview

In this activity students will measure various body parts looking for the golden ratio. The teacher will collect the various measurements from the calculators and send an augmented list to the students calculators. Students will then have enough data to get a good line of best fit. They will follow this activity with a project on the internet.

Before the Activity

If you are using the TI-Navigator System with the TI-73 you will need the attached .pdf file.
You need to have at least one calculator per group of three students.

The students will do the online part of the activity on the computer, so computer access will need to be arranged prior to the activity.

During the Activity

Students will be separated into groups of 3 and they will measure the body parts on the worksheet. They will enter their data into a calculator.

The teacher will collect the data via TI-Navigator and TI-InterActive!™, then augment the data and re-send to the students.

The students will find the line of best fit both manually and with the calculator. They will graph to check. (As a teacher you might collect their graph screens to see if they have the two lines graphed along with the data.)

The students will then go to the website on the worksheet and do the 8 activities that are listed there to reinforce their understanding of this valuable ratio.

After the Activity

After the students have worked on the website the closing activity would be a LearningCheck™ to see if they understood the whole idea of the golden ratio and its impact on the world and their lives.