Education Technology

AP Calculus Study Cards

Activity Overview

The following stacks of study cards are intended to help AP Calculus students review for the AP Calculus Exam. Stack I are Derivative Review Cards and Stack II are Integration Review Cards.

Before the Activity

Students are now reviewing for the AP Exam. These questions are intended to assist them in some of the memorization that they must do for the non-calculator portions of the exam.

During the Activity

These are flash cards. On one side it asks the students a question. They write down their answer, and then "flip" the card to see the actual results. They indicate if they were correct by pressing the softkey associated with "yes" or "no". The Studycard App will keep score for them.

After the Activity

Go to MENU and select results. In the bottom right corner it will indicate a score they attained out of 100 possible points.