Education Technology

Stretching Slinkies

Activity Overview

This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore the TI-84 graphing calculator in conjunction with Microsoft Excel®. Students will use the "Stretching Slinkies" worksheet to record and enter data. They will either: enter data into Microsoft Excel to synch with the TI-84, OR, enter data directly into the TI-84. Students will then produce a scatter chart using the TI-84. Extension work can include varying the type of charts (bar, line) or entering data from a variety of experiments.

Before the Activity

Students will be directed in the completion of the "Stretching Slinkies" activity, and the materials needed to complete this experiment. Materials needed are:

  • Variety of coins
  • Slinkies (springs)
  • Rulers
  • -Cups
  • String or cotton (to attach to cups)

  • Students will complete the experiment using the attached "Streching Slinkies" worksheet, and record their data for use with the TI-84

    During the Activity

    Students will use the attached instruction sheet to enter the data they produced in their "Stretching Slinkies" worksheet into the TI-84 calculator.
    The instructions can be projected with the LCD projector or the TI software or accessories such as "SmartView" or the "ViewScreen".

    After the Activity

    After the activity, students will complete the second part of the "Stretching Slinkies" worksheet, to answer the questions underneath the data table. The document is attached in the first section.