Education Technology

Match the Graph (linear and/or absolute value)

Activity Overview

The students will follow instructions on slope and linear functions, with playing match the graph on the TI-Navigator™. Several digital pictures are provided, or you could find your own!

Before the Activity

Before the activity, some instruction in linear functions (and absolute value functions) should be done. A short StudyCards™ stack is provided to assistance with this. Other handouts and activities are also attached.

During the Activity

Now, your students are ready to play Match the Graph through the TI-Navigator. Please feel free to use the pictures that I have provided, or find your own on the internet or around your school building. Have students take digital photos if you have access to Palm Zire 72 or other digital cameras. (Or students may use their cell phones if allowed!!!)

After the Activity

Have fun! If you just completed the linear part of the activity. Continue with the absolute values. You can teach this using vertex form as you would with parabolas.