Education Technology

Math TODAY for TI-Navigator System - Home Sales Records

Activity Overview

Many young people choose to buy their own homes, rather than rent them. Most will have to take out a home mortgage in order to fulfill this dream. If they plan to buy a home in the future, they will need to think about: How much does it cost per month to pay back a home loan? How do the period of time for the loan and the rate of interest affect the payments? How much does one actually pay for the house over the period of time for the loan?

Before the Activity

Setup your TI-Navigator™ System

  • Make sure you are familiar with the following functions: Send to Class, Collect from Class, Screen Capture, Quick Poll and Activity Center

  • Your students will need a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, either working in pairs or individually
  • Download the attached activity resource files from all three sections to your computer

  • Multimedia Projector for sharing the Activity Center, Quick Polls and Screen Captures with your students

  • TI Keyboards for students to easily answer the LearningCheck assessment questions

  • During the Activity

    Students will:

  • Use USA TODAY to find interest rates for 30-year and 15-year loans
  • Express percentages in decimal notation
  • Use a spreadsheet to compute the monthly payment, total amount paid, and ratio of total amount paid to loan amount for a home mortgage

  • Directions
  • Distribute the Student Edition PDF file to your class
  • Follow the activity procedures outlined in the Teacher document
  • You may use the Graphic PDF file to display a large image of the USA TODAY graphic during the activity

  • After the Activity

    Access your students' understanding by using Send to Class, LearningCheck™ App and Class Analysis.