Education Technology

"Learning Focused Schools" and Saxon Math

Activity Overview

For teachers who use Saxon Math and are utilizing Learning Focused Schools concepts, an application of Essential Questions, Vocabulary development, and Preview/Acceleration can be addressed by using this process of preview handout, vocabulary quiz, and answers to Essential Questions on test day.

Before the Activity

As students complete and turn in their test over four lessons, they pick up their Essential Questions and Vocabulary handout for the next four lessons.
Their homework assignment is to read the next four lessons and define and study the terms on the vocabulary list in context of the lessons.

During the Activity

Reading of the text can be listed in the Reading Log and vocabulary definitions are checked for completeness.
Students are given a vocabulary quiz over the terms in the next four lessons. This will ensure that students have previewed the vocabulary and are prepared for the upcoming lessons.

After the Activity

As lessons are completed over the next four days, Essential Questions are answered each day at the conclusion of the lesson.
The EQ/Vocab sheet will be turned in and checked for accuracy when students take the test over the new four lessons.
The cycle continues with a new handout on test day.