Education Technology

Translating Verbal to Algebra

Activity Overview

A 14-question multiple-choice LearnCheck activity. Students translate verbal phrases and sentences into algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities. Multiple responses can be entered. Questions allow discussion of the difference between "less than" and "is less than," and the correct order of terms in "quotient of x and y" and "difference of x and y."

Before the Activity

Discuss the difference between "less" and "less than" (six less seven "6-7" vs. six IS less than seven "6<7") and that when using the terms "quotient" and "difference," the first number listed is the first number in the problem. "The quotient of 20 and 5 is 20/5, not 5/20. This is a good activity for English language learners to help clarify these distinctions.

After the Activity

Retrieve the EDC quiz from students and use the "Slideshow" feature of TI-Navigator™ to review the questions as a class.