Education Technology

Grammar Capture

Activity Overview

Graphing calculators and the TI-Navigator™ system is not just for math teachers! Using the screen capture feature on TI-Navigator, Language Arts teachers can quickly and easily see if students are able to correct sentences using grammar rules.

Before the Activity

Students should be familiar with entering text on the work screen of the graphing calculator.

By putting the calculator on Alpha-Lock, students will be able to easily type sentences into the calculator.

If you have access to TI Keyboards, the process for typing these sentences will be even easier.

Teacher should be familiar with using the screen capture feature to view what all students have input onto their calculator work screens.

This activity presupposes that the students have a working knowledge of grammar rules. Prior to starting the activity, the teacher may want to use the quick poll feature to review grammar rules.

During the Activity

The teacher will input a grammatically incorrect sentence on his/her graphing calculator, projecting this sentence for the entire class to see.

Each student will be asked to retype this sentence on his/her graphing calculator, correcting it as they input it onto the work screen.

After providing the students with sufficient time to correct the sentence, the teacher will use the screen capture feature included with the TI-Navigator system to identify if the students were able to correct the sentence. Mistakes can be identified and corrected very easily.

After having the teacher present several grammatically incorrect sentences to the class, allow one student at a time to input a sentence for the rest of the class to correct.

After the Activity

The LearningCheck™ attachment can be used to assess students individually. This attachment requires students to correctly identify where commas should be placed in a sentence. You can create your own LearningCheck activity to correlate to the grammar rule you are covering at the time.