Education Technology

One- and Two-Variable Statistics--Review

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will review the concepts that they have learned thus far in statistics. The first part of the activity includes one-variable topics such as graphing quantitative variables, calculating measures of central tendency and spread, and making comparisons. The second part includes two-variable topics including linear regression, correlation and interpolation. The coefficient of determination will be introduced.

Key Steps

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    The spreadsheet on page 1.3 contains data for health indicators for different Asian and African countries. The first part of the activity will focus on the last three columns (E, F, G), which represent the percentages of people who have access to health services, safe water, and sanitation. The second part of the activity will begin by looking at the data in all of the columns, but then focus on comparing life expectancy and the infant mortality rate.

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    Then, students looks at various graphs of data and find lines of fit to determine correlations in the data.