Education Technology

What's Your Line?

Activity Overview

After students collect digital pictures of objects with lines, they will estimate the equation of those lines. Load digital images as the background image with the coordinate plane on top. Students should submit an equation that approximates the specified line.

Before the Activity

Students should already be familiar with finding the equation of a line.

Have the students use digital cameras to take pictures around their school or neighborhood. Load pictures the students can estimate the equation of the lines onto the computer.

During the Activity

Using the Activity Center, load one of the pictures taken with a coordinate graph on top of it. Identify a line in the picture and have students estimate the line's equation. Continue the activity with other pictures.

Attached is an example. You could have students find the equation for any of the edges of the roof, the sides of the sign, the railing of the patio, and so on.

After the Activity

Have students summarize what they have learned from the activity.