Education Technology

Introduction to TI-Nspire

Activity Overview

This is a powerpoint presentation, used as a rough outline of the capabilities of the TI-Nspire. I have used this for a one hour presentation to other teachers, department heads, curriculum coordinators, and principals.
This presentation can be followed with a more in depth training.

During the Activity

I use an overhead projector in addition to the powerpoint. I ask one of the participants to display what they are doing as I talk about the handheld. I try to give the participants 5 - 10 minutes to explore each application. I will make suggestions as we go along, somewhat following the examples on the screens that are used in the powerpoint.

After the Activity

The last two slides are examples of more involved TI-Nspire programs - utilizing the split screen capabilities. Depending on the audience I have put these in the "my documents" of the handhelds or I will have them link to each other to send the documents.