Education Technology

Flatland -- LearningCheck quiz

Activity Overview

I have several of my different mathematics classes read Flatland during the course of the semester. This is a quiz for the first three chapters plus the introductory chapter. I can post questions for the rest of the book if teachers are interested.

Before the Activity

Prior to using this LearnCheck the students have been assigned to read the Introduction through the first three chapters of Part 1 of Flatland. This material has been discussed as well as background information on the author, the book, and the time period in which it was written.

During the Activity

Give the LearnCheck, Flatland, as a quiz over the introduction and the first three chapters of part 1.

After the Activity

Continue to have students read the rest of the book. I do have questions for the rest of the book that I can submit as well if there is interest. I also have them as a Word document with some added discussion questions as well.