Education Technology

Birthday Scatter Plot

Activity Overview

Students will be able to interpret a scatter plot to see if there is a relationship between the two variables.

Before the Activity

Ask each student to write down the nuber of months since their last birthday and the number of months before their next birthday as an ordered pair(# of months since,# of months before) Configure the Actvity Center to allow students to submit one point and "submit one at a time" then choose "show individual cursors" so that students can watch their point on the screen.

During the Activity

Students must be logged onto Navigator and in the Activity Center. Start the Activty and ask students to move their point to their birthday position, mark it and send it in. As the data comes, in students should see that there is a relationship between months since their birthdays and months until their next one. Discuss whether there is a positive or negative correlation( It is negative) Go to "Graph-Equations" and type in the equation "y=12-x" and hit "Add" This will draw a line through all students' data reinforcing the relationship between the two numbers.

After the Activity

Discuss why the data all fell on the same line. Brainstorm other data that might behave in that same fashion ( # absent and # present)