Education Technology

Circle Geometry: Property of the Segments of Two Chords Intersecting within a Circle

Activity Overview

Students will be able to discover the property of two chords segments intersecting within a circle. They will discover the rule about the segments geometrically, numerically, and graphically. Lesson will touch on line of best fit to explore the relationship between the segments of the two chords.

Before the Activity

Students should know circle geometry terminology including but not limited to: Chords, Tangents, Central Angles, Inscribed Angles, Secants, Circumference, Radius, Diameter, Arcs, Major Arcs, Minor Arcs, Semi Circle, and Intercepted Arcs.

During the Activity

Students should also have a basic understanding of the Nspire handheld. Knowing how to open a document and work through a documnet. Capture data both manually and automatically.

Follow instructions in attached TNS file.

After the Activity

Teacher can collect each of his/her student's files for reviewing thier work.