Education Technology

NCTE: Evaluation of an Elders Journey Speech

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will present their narratives to the class as speeches.

Before the Activity

See the attached Activity PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity.

Print the appropriate pages from the Activity for your class.

Install the LearningCheck™ and NoteFolio™ Apps on the students' graphing calculators following the attached instructions.

Review the basics of public speaking by either using the Public Speaking Tips sheet as an overhead or by creating student handouts from the sheet. Also, review the rubric you will be using to assess the monologues.

During the Activity

  • Distribute the appropriate pages from the Activity to your class
  • Distribute the LearningCheck and NoteFolio file(s) to your class using TI Connect™ and the appropriate TI Connectivity cable
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the Activity

  • Students will:
  • Formulate questions addressing issues or problems that can be answered through a well-defined and focused investigations.
  • Conduct interviews, taking notes or recording and transcribing oral information, then summarizing the results.
  • Present findings in oral and written reports, correctly citing sources.
  • Compose and publish analytic and reflective writing that conveys knowledge, experience, insights, and opinions to an intended audience.
  • After the Activity

    Ask students to reflect on the journeys they learned about. What anecdotes surprised them? Moved them? Made them laugh? Did any journeys have anything striking in common? What made each unique?