Education Technology

Linear Equations Jeopardy

Activity Overview

This activity is designed as a review of linear equations. Students will review slope, functions, writing equations in slope-intercept form, and point-slope form.

Before the Activity

Students should be familiar with slope, writing equations in slope-intercept form, point-slope form and functions. Students should also be familiar with the navigator software using quick poll.

During the Activity

1. Have students log in to navigator system. 2. Open the linear equations and function review powerpoint. Also, have a quick point question open, or you can send the quick poll from your calculator. 3. You can either let the students see the question before you send them a quick poll or you can send them a quick poll first before seeing the question. 4. Students then send in their answers before the time limit. The time limit is entirely up to the teacher. Some questions may take longer than others. 5. Points can be awarded to each group based on the first correct answer as seen in the poll details. 6. Play contiues as above as time allows.

After the Activity

Reteach any questions that students seem to have difficulty with.