Education Technology

Addition check with calculators

Activity Overview

Students will solve addition problems and use calculators to check answers

Before the Activity

The teacher will model for the students' basic addition problems and how to use the TI-10 to check their answers.

Step by step instructions on how to enter numbers and operations to get the answer.

During the Activity

The students will break up into small groups of 4-5 students. The teacher will pass out TI-10's to all students in each group except one.

The student without a TI-10 will get a piece of paper and pencil.

The teacher will write a variety of addition problems for the whole class to see. The student who will be solving the problem using pencil/paper will use the strategy of their choice to solve the problem (manipulatives may be used).

Once that student has solved the problem, he/she will show their answer to the other students and explain the process they used to find the answer.

The students with the TI-10's will then calculate the problem on the calculators to check the answer.

This process will go on so that each students has a chance to solve a problem without a TI-10.

After the Activity

The students will share their problems with the class. explain the strategies they used to solve the problems and how the TI-10's were useful in checking answers.

  • Evaluate whether or not they needed the TI-10's to check.

  • Were manipulatives effective in solving or checking answers?