Education Technology

A Sprinkler System Activity for the TI-Nspire TouchPad

Activity Overview

This lesson involves the student in constructing and then creating their own designs using circles to indicate water spray from sprinklers set to full, half, and quarter circle patterns. The students learn to appreciate the ART of Math in the designs created with the Nspire TouchPad. The students gain practice in placing points, creating a regular polygon (rectangle), making shapes (circles, arcs), and hiding the same. The student analyzes the resulting shape for areas of overlap for further study.

Before the Activity

Download the Teacher's Guide and click on the link to view a video (TeacherTube) of the construction. Make copies of screen shot for students to analyze, code, and color.

During the Activity

Use the Teacher Guide with detailed instructions and screenshots to assist students in their construction. Attached is the completed sprinkler design as a tns document

After the Activity

Have students use the Screen Shot of the Completed Sprinkler System to identify any areas missed, areas received spray from more than one direction. Have students code each section with (2, 3, 4) as to the number of spray directions. They will color according to coding. (See attachment for an example) Have students sign and post around class room. Extensions: 1) The Learners will (TLW) use to make stained glass windows 2) TLW adjust the radius of the spray to conserve water 3) TLW create a design for their home lawns