Education Technology

10th Grade TAKS Review

Activity Overview

The following LearningCheck™ file was created for educators in Texas to have supplemental assessments in preparation for the 10th grade TAKS exam. The assessment involves topics covered in Objectives 1-4 of the 10th grade objectives.

Before the Activity

The teacher should download the attached LearningCheck™ file and WORD document prior to administering the TAKS assessment. The teacher should also make hard copies of the assessment (WORD document) to provide to students during the assessment.

During the Activity

Provide students with a hard copy of the exam. Once completed, they may submit answers using their calculators through TI-Navigator™.

After the Activity

Once students have finished entering their responses on their calculator.

The teacher may then collect each students responses using Class Analysis. Once Class Analysis has collected the assessment the teacher may select to convert the results to a Slide Show to view the results and make appropriate curriculum decisions.