Education Technology

Like Moths Around a Flame

Activity Overview

In this lesson, students examine data about moths and draw conclusions of how the environment impacts their populations.


  • Students will determine how humans can influence natural selection by manipulating the environment.
  • Students will relate two sets of data, and analyze the patterns in long-term data.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the effect of the environment on natural selection.


  • camouflage
  • dependent variable
  • environmental impact
  • independent variable
  • natural selection
  • nocturnal

About the Lesson

In this lesson, students examine some data about moths. A guided lesson video (optional) is also available for this activity. The video is targeted at students and designed to help guide them through the interactive exploration and the concepts covered within.

As a result, students will:

  • Understand that the environment has an effect on natural selection.
  • Graph data and compare two sets of data.
  • Find patterns in long-term data and draw conclusions.