Education Technology

A Steep Hike

Activity Overview

Students observe the effects of two factors on a motion plot. They will walk at two different speeds and two different directions, then deduce how the value of the slope of a line can be "seen" in its graph.

Key Steps

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    In this activity, students investigate the factors that affect the slope of a line. Students will use the CBR 2 to collect data on their movement to and from the device over a period of 15 seconds.

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    Students will carry out four different trials in which they walk towards the device and away from it, at a slow pace and then a moderate pace. The data that the CBR 2 collects is graphed onto the calculator screen.

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    Then, students will trace the line and record any two points. Using the points, they will calculate the slope of the line. The questions on the worksheet have students compare the slopes of the trials.