Education Technology

TI-Nspire Introduction

Activity Overview

Students will be expected to utilize several new tools and menus on TI-Nspire™ technology. They will answer questions and interact with spreadsheets and graphs. By successfully completing both activities, each student can earn a "Temporary" Driver's License and a "Driver's License" (I created them in Microsoft Publisher). This theme could be carried out in several more activities during your lessons or unit. It is age appropriate for high school 9th and 10th graders to be thinking about driving.

Before the Activity

Preload the two files onto the students' handhelds. Some introduction to the handheld buttons will be useful to facilitate student success with both activities. Previous instruction or review in the sets of numbers would also contribute to the students' ability to answer the questions more effectively, rather than the students typing in "I don't know" as their response. Plan some other activities around the driving theme if possible. Perhaps students could research their favorite car and its gas mileage, cost, etc. Perhaps students could survey other classes about their favorites.

During the Activity

Students will open a document called welcome1 and proceed as directed through the file. The same is repeated in welcome2. No written instructions are required, nor is a paper necessary to record student answers. All responses are entered into the TI-Nspire document file by the student.

After the Activity

See extensions in the activity document.