Education Technology

Reviewing Factoring Quadratics

Activity Overview

This is an activity to review factoring quadratic equations in an Algebra I or Algebra 2 class. The teacher will use the Activity Center in TI-Navigator™ to graph a quadratic equation in standard form. Students will be asked to send an equaion in factored form. If the students factored the quadratic correctly, their graph will match the teacher's graph.

Before the Activity

This is a review for factoring quadratic equations. The teacher must have taught the mechanics of factoring before using this activity. The teacher can modify this activity to make it as easy or as difficult as needed.

During the Activity

The directions for this activity are given in the attachment labelel "Factoring quadratics Teachers notes".

Ask students to fill in the table in the worksheet. Students will have a place to write the equation in standard form, then they can write the equation in factored form.

After the Activity

Assign the rest of the worksheet for classwork or homework. It uses the zero product property and the factored form of the quadratic to find the roots.

Reveiw factoring as needed. Continue to revisit this activity to review during the year.

I have included a 5 question Learning Check for the class to do either as a quiz or as review. View the slide show afterwards to go over questions and answers.