Education Technology

Perimeter, Circumference, and Area

Activity Overview

Students find perimeters of rectangles and squares, as well as circumferences of circles. Students find areas of rectangles, squares, and circles.

This Activity comes from Prentice Hall's © 2007 Geometry textbook.

Before the Activity

  • Review the lesson PDF files
  • Make copies of the lesson PDF files for your class
  • Using LearningCheck Creator, review the LearningCheck™ EDC files prior to class. They include Check Skills You'll Need and Check Understanding questions from the lesson
  • Make sure the LearningCheck App is on all student calculators
  • Transfer the LearningCheck EDC files and Program file to student calculators using one of these methods:
    • LearningCheck Creator "send to device" feature with a connectivity cable and unit-to-unit cables
    • TI Connect, a connectivity cable and unit-to-unit cables
    • TI-Navigator "send to class" feature

During the Activity

Students will:

  • Find the perimeter and area of rectangles and triangles using graph paper and a graphing calculator.
  • Find the circumference and area of circles in terms of pi and using a graphing calculator.
  • Find the area of irregular shapes.
  • Estimate the perimeter and area of real-world objects.

  • Directions:
  • Distribute the student activity sheets.
  • Follow the procedures as outlined.
  • After the Activity

    As a class, review student progress, discussing questions that appeared to be more challenging, and re-teaching as needed.