Education Technology

Comparing Double Line Graphs and Box Plots

Activity Overview

Students are given a data table and are asked to look at the double-line graph to understand the trends that they observe in regards to indoor and drive-in movie theaters. They are then asked to investigate the trends that are presented to them when a box plot is created with the same data. Students will not create the double line or box plot. They are investigating the data trends that they observed. Students will also calculate the range of the given data.

Before the Activity

Directions and answers for each page of the student handheld is provided with this activity template.

During the Activity

Students will look at trend data for both a double line graph and a box plot. Students will begin to understand the difference in regards to the data that is presented and when to use either graphical representation.
The students can sit in pairs or groups of four so that they can ask questions easily while completing the investigation; however each student can use their own calculator in order to complete the task.

After the Activity

A summary and extension packet is provided for each student upon completion of this investigation. Students do not need the handheld in order to complete this packet. The packet can be assigned for homework.