Education Technology

FCAT Real World Solving Linear Equations/Systems

Activity Overview

Activity explores the vocabulary and methods of solving systems of equations and includes classroom Activity "Catch Me If You Can" with response sheet and assessment focused on real world problem solving of linear equations and systems (MA.D.2.4.2).

Before the Activity

If you are using the TI-Navigator System with the TI-73 you will need the attached .pdf file.
1.Send the StudyCard APP and SOLVSYS.8vs AppVar to student calculators using the Navigator System. The StudyCard AppVar could be used as homework preparation for the in class activity SystemsActivity "Catch Me If You Can". Students should take time to read through the study cards one time, then perform a self-check the second time through the study cards. 2.Make student copies of the Word document SystemsActivity.doc and review the SystemsReadmeLessonPlan.doc to plan your lesson. Send the LearnChk APP , and Catch Me If You Can.edc AppVars to student calculators using the Navigator System.

During the Activity

Using the TI-Navigator, collect Catch Me If You Can.edc from student calculators if you want to review their answers to the assignment.

After the Activity

Send FCAT-MA242.edc AppVars to student calculators using the Navigator System to assess student understanding. When students complete the assessment collect FCAT-MA242.edc assessment from student calculators. If the Topics in Algebra: ALG1CH5 APP is available it can be assigned to review the concepts for homework.