Education Technology

NY State Grade 7 Test Response Forms

Activity Overview

The attahed EDC files are responses forms for the 2007 Grade 7 test, 2006 Grade 7 test, and the sample Grade 7 test from the state of New York.

The response forms have the correct answers selected so you can easily score it using TI-Navigator™.

Before the Activity

You will need to download and print the actual test questions for students to use. Each student will need a copy of the appropriate test from:

  • 2007 Exams
  • 2006 Exams
  • Sample Exams

    Make sure that all students have the LearningCheck™ app installed. Download the appropriate EDC file and send to student calculators.

  • During the Activity

    Students will answer the Part 1 questions directly into the calculator. Part 2 extended responses must be answered in the test booklet.

    The following EDC files correspond to the New York tests as follows:

  • 2007 New York test -- 20077.edc
  • 2006 New York test -- 20067.edc
  • New York Grade 7 test -- sample7.edc