Education Technology

MM CAS 2003 Exam 1 Part 1 : Sample Solutions

Activity Overview

This activity, which acts as a learning review, is a solution of the questions of the MM CAS 2003 Exam 1 Part 1. Students use the Derive software to solve problems.

Before the Activity

  • See the attached PDF / DFW file for solutions to the questions, and print the file for the class
  • During the Activity

    Distribute the pages to the class.

    In this activity, students will:

  • Find the nature of the trigonometric graph and find its period
  • Identify the factor by which a trigonometric graph has been dilated
  • Find the maximum value of a graph
  • Understand that the graph of y = f(x) corresponds to y = f(-x) reflected along the y-axis
  • Observe the first and second differences, and the rate of increase to rule out options from the given choices
  • Use Derive to check the table of values for each alternative
  • Understand the definition of inverse functions
  • Realize that inverse functions are symmetrical about the line y = x
  • Recognize the fact that for a function to have an inverse, the set A must be a subset of R such that the function has one-to-one correspondence over A
  • After the Activity

    Review student results:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary