Education Technology

What's the Scale?

Activity Overview

The objective of this lesson is to have students determine the scale of a model when compared to the actual object. They will measure parts of the actual object and then compare the corresponding part of the model to determine the scale used.

Before the Activity

Read and go over the Whats the Scale Lesson Plan. Modify the attached Lab sheet to insert a picture of the actual object you are using. I use my Honda Insight Hybrid car. I got the picture from the Honda website and the model from EWA.

During the Activity

Follow the lesson plan outline to introduce new concepts as well as review previous learning. You can use the Ratios and Proportions LearnCheck as a quick assessment on students prior knnowledge or as a quick quiz before the lab begins.

After the Activity

You can use the Ratios and Proportions review sheet as homework, review, or a quiz.