Education Technology

Linear Equation Games Unit: Activity #9 9 Ball Game

Activity Overview

This activity provides a ‘9 Ball Pool Table’ on a graph page. Students are to begin the game by clicking on the ‘play’ button to start the animation of the pool balls. They move the 'cue' ball around and find equations that go through the 'cue' ball, another ball(s) and the hole.

This activity adds a new element in that the pool balls are animated. The students are to 'break' the pool balls with the animation and stop the animation to begin to play the game. They may choose to move the 'cue' ball to line it up with the other pool balls and the pool table pockets. Students are to use whatever methods or strategies they can to find the values for the slope and the coordinates of the points that form the ‘pool balls’ coordinates. Using these values, they are to create the linear equation in the form of y=mx + b to create equations that go through the cue ball, pool ball(s), and pool table pocket.